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About us

Steamhouse Cafe, a 100% local business opened in 2016 in Budapest. Through the years we made thousands of coffees for those who were seeking the tasty specialty drinks made by barista champions.

It was in March of 2020, during the first lockdown when we first thought “If people can’t come to the Steamhouse, then Steamhouse should go to them. In 2021 we bought our own capsule filling machine and thanks to that the whole process (from the green coffee to the roasting, capsule filling and packaging) is in our hands.

More to come...

This is and in progress page. We plan to release many articles here. Combe back in a few days for more to read! :)

Steamhouse specialty capsules

Steamhouse specialty capsules

How come a specialty coffeeshop to produce coffee capsules? Read our story, try our coffee and get to know us!